Which type of Modular Kitchen Interior Design Suits your House | Get to know it in a 2min read

If you have been looking at design ideas for your Modular Kitchen Interior Design on the Internet and still getting confused over choosing which style would suit the best, The following two minute read on this will clarify your doubts.

Your Modular Kitchen Interior Design is not only about styles, but also about the types that would suit your house well.

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Types of Modular Kitchens!

  1. One wall Kitchen
  2. Parallel
  3. L Shaped
  4. U shaped
  5. Peninsula
  6. Island Kitchen

One Wall Kitchen

It’s Ideal for Apartments as it consumes minimum space.

Cabinets are mounted on the walls. Good to go for this style if you are doing a Single Cook show!

Parallel Kitchen

It’s ideal for Small Floor spaces.

This can also be opted in large floor spaces with a Island in the middle.

L shaped Kitchen

Ideal for Small Family Rooms.

Good to go with an attached Dining Table type

U Shaped Kitchen

This Style has 3 walls of appliances and cabinets.

Its ideal for Large Kitchen space

Peninsula Modular Kitchen Design

This provides free standing workspace that can serve as a countertop, storage or eating area.

Island Modular Kitchen Design

Adds more work and storage space to a kitchen.

You can utilise the island for cabinet space, appliances, the sink, countertops

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