Apparel Showroom Interior Design and Contractors

Apparel Showroom Interior Design and Contractors

Lifestyle Interior offers one-of-a-kind Apparel Showroom design and contract execution services to our clients. The interior and shop designers and decorators at Lifestyle Interiors purpose to create progressive customer experience for brands. The designers and indoors decor experts create dynamic shopping reports for customers and shop traffic that most often evoke the experiences of a community-improving public space. 

Our store interior designers and visual artists at lifestyle Interiors provide revolutionary and trending store designs with neat execution and planning. This is carried out by understanding the client’s requirements, then merging and seamlessly integrating creativity and innovation to create the most awe-inspiring and enormously functional store design.

Lifestyle  Interiors complete interior layout solutions encompass Store Image and Identity Design, Vendor Shop Design, Innovative Fixture Design at the side of visual vending and shop indoors layout offerings which also include graphics, signage and exhibit layout. 

At Lifestyle  Interiors, the indoors layout specialists apprehend the brand identification and customization plays a crucial function in creating the most evocative shops. Therefore, the designers and interior professionals at Lifestyle Interiors work in close coordination with the clients proper from its inception. We collaborate intensely to get the most beneficial results.

Apparel Showroom Interior Design contractors

Comercial works we take care of in Apparel Showroom Interior Deisgn

Important Aspects of Apparel Interior Design

A shoppers first impression falls on the shop’s layout when he/she enters the showroom. It is an important aspect when it comes to giving them an unforgettable experience.

Some of the following are the aspects that lift up the design at an Apparel Store are .

A carpet flooring usually doesn’t magnet much with the shoppers. Tile and wooden flooring has its own attractions.

Tiles gives the liberty to play with brand colours and mood colours in accordance with the shoppers. For ex: Tiles in the kids section could be with Pink and Blue colours which are said to be attractive enough for kids.

Wooden flooring is known to deliver “natural” messages. For ex: Sections in stores which deals with Trekking and adventure suits so well with wooden flooring.

Lighting in stores can be generally classified into

  1. General / Ambient Lighting
  2. Task Lighting
  3. Accent Lighting
  4. Decorative Lighting

General and ambient lighting is the main source of light for your store. It does not specifically reflect a section.

Warm lights tell shoppers that they are having more intimate and special shopping experiences. Warm lights brings out the true colours in the minds of shoppers on how the dress actually looks on them

Accent lighting is when you show your customers the highlighted section with a different set of unique lighting.

Colour influences the minds of the people psychologically. Choosing a colour is based on various factors including demographic, age etc. Younger people react better to bold colours while old people like muted tones.


Blues are calming. If the product is agitating, painting the walls blue can help keep an atmosphere of calm.

Greens convey freshness and peace. Health stores, grocery stores offering fresh produce, often use greens. Florist shops also can benefit from shades of green in their retail area.

White can be agitating for shoppers, but it can also convey a sense of cleanliness. Some clothing stores do well with white walls, especially if they are higher end and have fewer products on display. Apple uses white and grays very well in their stores to enhance their brand message.

Pink is an energetic color, and purple is a creative color. Often, these colors are associated with romance and used in shops targeting women.

Reds can make shoppers anxious because it’s a very powerful color, but oranges tone those feelings down a bit. In fact, orange stimulates appetite, so food stores do well with that color.

Yellow is a happy color and is often found as the primary color in children’s stores.

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